Bell and Howell

Name: Bell & Howell (II+)

Company: Bell & Howell

Country: USA

Year: 1979

Processor: 6502

Base Memory: 48k

The story goes like this: In the early days of Apple, they wanted to expand their market base to include schools but at that time, it was difficult to convince schools to spend large amounts of money on computer equipment. However, with the help of Bell and Howell, which was already a trusted Audio/Visual equipment provider, Apple was able to sneak in the back door. Apple licensed their Apple II+ to B&H, who added an AV Pack to the computer and sold it to schools as a piece of AV equipment, rather than as a computer. This ploy was successful to the extent that soon after, Apple was able to cancel it's license to B&H and sell the Apple II+ directly to schools. The rest, as they say, is history. Apple, in time, became the primary provider of computer equipment to schools throughout the 1980's and early 1990's. (3/10/02) 

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