Basis 108

Name: Basis 108

Company: Basis Microcomputers, Inc.

Country: Germany

Year: 1982

Processor: 6502/Z80a (later Z80h)

Base Memory: 128k

The Basis 108 is a shining example of German "over" engineering. The case, for example, is made of heavy cast aluminum, and while other companies sought only to mimic the look and feel of the Apple II, Basis decided to build something altogether better. The motherboard has many built-in features, like dual processors and several choices for video and data output. Another unusual bit of trivia is that there were even clones of the Basis itself, namely the Lingo, Medfly, and Precision Echo. Overall, it is a great computer, and there were several international User Groups devoted to it in the mid 1980's. (11/8/2001) 

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