Base 64a

Name: Base 64

Company: Ci, Inc.

Country: Korea

Year: 1982

Processor: 6502

Base Memory: 64k

The Base 64 is a fancy Apple II+ clone, with quite a few inovations beyond what was normal. For instance, it has an F1/F2 keys that allow nearly every key on the board to have at least two different functions. It also has Basic, Tiny-Assembler, and Mini-Writer (menu driven Word Processor) in ROM. The keyboard is much nicer than the one on the Apple II+, with extra functions written on the front of each key. The Base 64 user manual is full of "useful" information, and it has the schematics for both the Base 64 and Base 48. One interesting thing about the manual is that it does not mention Apple, or Apple compatiblity anywhere. The case is an unusual light Gray-Green color, rather than the more common beige color. (8/23/01) 

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